Wednesday, December 10, 2008


tadaaaaaaaaaaaa! i know abby u are waiting for this!!

Location : Bora Ombak
Date : Dec 7, 08
Theme : Black and white (tak jadi!cos ramai yg melanggar perintah beta! haha)

the angels of the night

the meals we had

Ezza n phad thai. It was one of the favorite.

Us without nea

us without Nea yellow version

the 6 years old buddies!


aliya (candid)

my birthday cake sponsored by abby baby!

me and the cake and the candle!








abby lagi?

aliya, rara and emma


it's karaoke time!

abby and ezza going crazyy!

aliya sopan

abby and me and the ultramen power!

beautiful abby and me.

nea and her mother, ME

It was a blast! I wish Farah, Mai and Fiecca were there, too. =(
But it's ok! Mai, you're next! Make sure all are coming!



abby.. said...

lemme be the 1st person to comment !!!!! yippie yey!!! 1st thing 1st.. zillionnnnnnnn thanx to u rara coz u uploaded so many picssssssss.. so dat i can save 'em all !! chewah.. yala.. aritu ym x buleh send pon! :(( sedih.. well.. i want u to know dat i love u guys so muchhhh!!! frenz never endssssssss... muahsss

alya said...

alaaaa abby beat me [xdpt jd 1st] haha! :)
xp2,bdw it really a fun nite
i luf all the theme,eating time,sing bufday song part [mcm2 version], karoks, merayau xtau p mn & mamak for supper b4 going back haha!
syiokkkk ah! luf u rara!

rara said...

abby : yes abby, i purposely upload the pictures just for u! i love u too abby baby!

alya : it's ok alya, try again next time to be my first commenter! haha. love u toooooo. mwahs

cik_ienn said...

abby baby lawo !!!

rara said...

cik_ienn : like always and forever!!

cik_ienn said...

hiks! tapi piccas semua santek. i loike.