Saturday, December 6, 2008

oh pimples!

I am now waiting for Ezza to come back from Sri Hartamas,Damansara. Last night she stayed with her high school buddies, Bai, Kirah and Ima. Too bad, she almost forget that Farah is getting engage today!

I texted her last night to remind her about the engagement, and she said, oh aahhhh. (lupa la tu)

So tomorrow(that's means today) we planned to depart around 11 am.(from Cyberjaya)

10 minutes before 11 just now, I texted her again and she said she still at the UPM tol. Oh ok!

It's OK.

We really need to catch up later. The prob is, we dont even know where the place is, we will only base on the address that has been given by Farah, hopefully we can arrive there on time, or at least before the event starts. Oh ya we are going to Seremban by the way.

While last night Aliya and I were in the queue to buy the ticks to watch Twilight, I saw Uder and the family! Seronok!. So we end up watching the same movie in the same row.

Tapi tak dpt lepak sama after the movie cos Aliya need to catch the transport provided by the company and we both feeling sleepy and tired. Baru balik keja terus pi kan?

Ezza is back. I gotta get my self ready. Well anyway,I am half ready and yes, I post this entry with my make up on.


I got one big problem.

Pimples are everywhere! Kat muka toksah dok cerita laa, kat badan, kaki, tangan.. All over the body!

what's wrong with me? Help. Hormon problem maybe? Tension!

Anyone has suggestions how to move the pimples away?

Or do I need a botox injection? Or vitamin C perhaps?



MarlissaMusa said...

hormon could be the culprit..huhu..cuba try minum air 2 litre on daily basis..rasanya ni ader problem dgn darah..

facial cleanser pula jangan asyik selalu basuh muka sampai kering nanti hilang natural moisture end it up lagi banyak pimple

pastu ambik vitamin e + c..
hehe..go n visit nearest doc..ask for good facial series+treatment..they have a good ones!get well soon!

jangan pg kedai jamu,butik-butik facial melayu taw..nanti lagi worst..hehe

marlissa~she has been into this path b4 ;)

rara said...

MarlissaMuda : thank u friend!

I conculted my personal doctor, (my girl friend fiecca hehe!)she had the same prob after the operation,and the doc advice her to use Himalaya products.

So I already bought, 3 himalaya products;facial cream, facial scrubs, and the acne cream. Hope it will help. :)

alya said...

twilight mmg lovey dovey hbs wpn penat! :)
bout that pimples probs ms rara stop lh tkr2 facial wash or krim muka n jumpa specialist ask ubt apa yg sesuais k!
c ya!