Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Another fresh new year is coming, very soon! yet another year to live,to banish worry, doubt, and fear,to love and laugh and to give! Hurmmmm.

I guess this will be my last entry for this year.

The year 2008 has gone, with some dreams fulfilled whereas many more are still waiting to be fulfilled(dang!), with some good moments as well as some bad, some successes & some failures, some smiles & some tears…

Even though 2008 is not really a progressive year for me, but I'm so blessed to live the life with the unconditional love from my families and friends.

Sometimes I feel that I am lucky but sometimes Not. Its Ok.
Life is like a roller coaster, it has it's ups and downs. It brings joy and sorrow.

But all in all I am happy that one more year has passed ahead & Allah has given me another year to carry on with my dreams…

And I hope 2009 will bring more happiness and joy to all of us.

My wish for next year?

Hurmmm . I wish to create more income(yes, I create my own income), be healthy, find my one true love, and banyakkan ibadah. InsyaAllah.

So, Happy New Year y'all!




najie said...

rara,my doa for u in this new year is for u to find a soul who is compatible with u in evry way,who loves HIM n loves u,success in work n passion in living have u bought that white handbag u wrote about in ur last yr's wishlist?hihi.i love you.

rara said...

najie : thank u so much, XOXO. u know u love me. hehe.

Yes, last year I managed to get myself a white handbag as well as white purse. Hehe. What a wish list kan?

If u see my wish list for 2009, I know u will gelak mcm syaitan, I know it's funny. But it's good to have a dream, kan?

alya said...

happy new year rara!
bgs nyr ada wish list, nk try buat juga
i punya opening greet 2009 adalah kecemerlangan pemanduan berhemah hahaha! :)

rara said...

alya : haha! what a new year gift.takpa, relax and always aim for the best!

mat aki said...

azam sy adalah,supaya kak wa sy boleh buang taek lalat dy yg kt celah idong itu tahun ni.ameen.=)

rara said...

mat aki : kurang ajaqqqq