Monday, December 8, 2008

24 is my lucky number

Dec 8, 2008

It's my 24th birthday...I am not a 24 years old, I am 24 years young! Still . hehe =)

I had a grrreaat birthday last night!
Thanks to my girl friends; Abby, Ezza, Nea, Aliya and Emma for the fun birthday night out.

I love u guys to bits!

Thanks to my darling Rafiecca and hubby, and her 2 sisters for the Happy Birthday song and Allah Selamatkan kamu. Thanks for remembering my birthday every year without fail, I feel so touch.

Thanks for my dearest BFF Najie who set her alarm reminder a week before my birthday so that she can wish my birthday on time.

Thanks for Cik Ienn who posted an entry to wish me a day before my birthday because she dont want to miss wishing me birthday as she is going back to her hometown for Aidul Adha.

Thanks for my lovely brother who called all the way from Indonesia to wish me Happy Birthday and always wanna be the first one.

To others the name I not mention here, thanks for the smses, calls, or comments, thanks A LOT.
U guys made me feel bless to be a 24 years young lady! hehe

Thought that counts.

I also would like to wish Aina, Anaz, and Izwan and others who share the same birthday as me, Happy Birthday. Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.


Last but not least,I would like to wish all the Muslims a bless Aidul Adha, 10 Zulhijjah 1429, and may this year's festivities bring you closer to God's grace and may all of us are blessed.

** pictures will be uploaded soon!


MarlissaMusa said...

happy birthday miss rara ;)
may Allah grant you health, wealth & unlimited hapiness in your life..hehe

rara said...

MarlissaMusa : thanks!

alya said...

happy bufday ms 24 :)
still young n hot meh hahahaha
semlm mmg best ah!

abby said...

ur burfday party was superb n fantastic !! the day after dat.. i had fever..can u imagine that!??? how amazing ur burfday kan! smooches!!