Saturday, November 22, 2008

why single?

I've been asked these questions so many times. So I bet u guys (the single ones only) experience the same situation. Kan?

Mr A : Why are u still single?
Rara : Why? You got problem with that?

Mr A : Are you serious you are single?
Rara : Yeahhh. Why? You dont believe that? Why?

Mr A : You must be kidding. (I hate this the most)
Rara : Yes I am single, so what?

Mr A : Takkan tak de bf, u memilih kot?
Rara : Tak lah. It's just that I don't find the right one, yet! (marah dah ni)

Mr A : Do u feel lonely?
Rara : Of course I do. But life goes on. Thank God I've been pouring with loves from the family and friends.

Mr A : What you normally do during your free time?
Rara : Erm, Working every monday to friday, 9am to 6pm. Normally right after work I will go back home straight. Sometimes, I watch movie with my friends( single ladies jugak) and sometimes I shop alone.

Mr A : Alone?
Rara : Yes, alone. And I have no problem with that.

Mr A : Oh cool.
Rara : Oh ya? Thank you. (perasan)

Mr A : Till when u will be like this, I meannn, single?
Rara : Till I meet the right one lah kot.

Rara : Ohh wait! U've been asking me questions since the very first chat, so can I ask u questions now?
Mr A : Hehehe. Yes sure, go ahead sweetie.

Rara : Can u find me one gentleman? (frank)
Mr A : Hehehe. I already found one.

Rara : Really? Who? What's his name? What's he doing for living?
Mr A : It's me lah dear.

Rara : Oh yess ahh? I gtg. C u around!

Sooo me! So guys, pls help me to answer why am i still single.


abby nuhi day said...

why single? dats the only question dat runs thru my mind every single second of my life... :)

rara said...

abby nuhi day : pasaipa nama cam ria je nih! erk, ok. We r on the same boat abby!

Anonymous said...

single lg besh taw...leyh men pmpn byk2..pasru klu boring cr je la yg br..xkan luak punye pmpn kt dunia ni i ryte??

alya said...

kita single sbb asek jmpa lelaki yg perasan dia bgs tp xbpe bgs sgt pn..bkn memilih sgt tp kalo jmpa yg xd motivasi diri pn xd guna kn?
so single itu lbh baik hahaha!

rara said...

Anonymous : laki cam kau la yg banyak aku jumpa!sbb tu aku rela single

alya : saya setuju

abby said...

wah2..komen encik ano ni btulll btull bikin gua panassssssssss jekk.. org mcm lu nii mmg x layak nak buat suami ponn... so org mcm lu mmg kitoang x pandang nyeee..dun weri... jyahhhhhhhh~

alya said...

rilekss je
jgn layan org yg mcm tu
spesis lelaki dh la mkin xd yg ada pn bpe kerat sgt lh yg ok
so pk2 sindri lh kn :)