Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sungai Gabai .

It's my department's team building activity, again.

After brainstorming for a week, we finally decided to go to Sg Gabai at the very last minute. We had actually planned to go to Port Dickson,(again!!) but it has been cancelled due to some reasons.

I am so tired / sleepy / exhausted. So I think I better just let the pictures tell the story.

Saya menang motor!! Me,and Mr K,NOT!
It's Lawrence's baby. I like the sport rim, coz it's white and cute! Isn't it?

My tired face after climbing up the stairs.

Ajit, James, Aliya and Nava, and me the photographer

With James with his gatal smile.. and the waterfall behind us.

Bahadur hilang di dalam air! hahaha

Me and other colleagues.

End of story.


alya said...

sg gabai best!!! :)
wpn kaki mcm nk pth haha
pisang emas yg plg best glerrr mrh weh

rara said...

alya : i sakit kaki lagi sampai la!