Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Melaka snap shots

Firstly, sorry for no updates for quite some times. I have been busy with so many things which I don't even know what.

Last weekend my family (2 sisters, niece and nephew) and I went to Melaka, a very short trip but it's wonderful. We went to A'Famosa Animal Safari (it's my 3rd time and I love it!), Menara Taming Sari(in front of Mahkota Parade), Museumssssss (note the S), and Taman Mini Malaysia.

It's going to be a looooong story, so I better just let the pics tell the story ( again?!? haha). Malas nak karang panjang2 sebenaqnya.

Me waiting for the Animal Show to start. There are four shows in A Famosa Animal Safari; Multi animal show, Elephant Show, Bird Show and Wild wild west. And we manage to catch all! Worth RM 48 entrance ticket!

Me and my sis, Jue

Afrina and Rara

After the wild wild west show. Nice performance u guys!

My other sis, Umie and 2 anak menakan.

Mr Crab and his dream land, the Chicken Farm!! hehe.

Me and ulaq apa tah tak igt!! terror takkk

Kepala ulaq tu dok mai kat aku, takuitt!

But I finally manage to control the snake, and SNAP! nice kan? RATU ULAR.

Me at the one of the Museum, Ship Musem if I'm not mistaken, and Hang Tuah standing next to me.

My sweethearts, at the A'Famosa

Me at A famosa n kipas yg menjadi peneman setia. PANAS gila.


alya said...

ular albino daa :)
pic smbl pegang ulr tu teringat show britney dlu dancing dgn the same snake..
mao peg melaka juga!!

rara said...

alya : owhhh, albino namanyaaaaa.. jum melaka!

alya said...

jum!!! tp kna tunggu lama sket r sbb u br p haha!
finally dpt tgk muka mr crab haha
gmbr kipas xtahan..
mn2 pn wajib bw

cik_ienn said...

seronok ngat aih tgk piccas. jeles mak nok!

~mat aki yg imut~ said...

nk etot!!~