Wednesday, October 8, 2008

testis .

Exam. Yes, tomorrow i got the FMUTM test which will be held somewhere in KL. Landmark:Megan Avenue, near OSK, Old Town Jln Yap Kwan Seng,Public Bank, Klcc? Hurmm too many landmarks made me confuse. But nvm, I already asked few friends how to get there, hopefully I will arrive there safely, and most importantly - ontime.

And.. for that I have to take mc since I have only 2 days annual leave left . I wanna keep the AL for the future, who knows something important happens in the future(kan?), so I guess mc is the best solution,well at least for tomorrow. (Sib baik Manager aku tatau aku ada blog) So, esok nak sakit ape yek?

Erm, i guess till then. I need to study bcos I basically know nothing about that "thing". Pray for me guys.

I am now waiting for Miss Nor Aliah Lee to come cos we are going together, tomorrow.

To Marlissa, I'll do the tagging games later when i got the times. Ok.


btw. I like Qi from Destinasi Bajet and Field Trip USA at 8tv. So rempit but cute.


nuhi said...

hi cik testis,

good luck!!!!!!!!! i also have final xm nx week.wish me luck. btw, i love Qi tu ! qushairy rite? soooooooo KAMI..hehe..

rara said...

nuhi @ ABI baby : Good luck to u too, darling

alya said...

sia2 aku pura2 study smbl tdo
arghhh demmit! :)
xp aku akn pasti kn makcik@financial ruler aku dpt d klh kn
kita boleh!