Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quote of the day

For Things to Change, You Must Change First

repeat this words again and again, and feel it.

Or u can try this.

For Things to Change, I Must Change First!

People always say, "What if it is really not my fault? What if the situation is totally out of my hands?"

In actual fact we always play a role in creating whatever is happening to us, whether consciously or subconsciously.

We create our experiences either through our thoughts or our actions. You can say something emphatically, but if you are thinking something else, people can pick up the vibes, or it will show up in your body language.

People who are in control of their lives believe that they create their world. If everything is going great, then they created it, not anybody else. If things are not going well, then they created it as well.

Some people tell me that they never get a good break. They never get lucky enough to land a great opportunity. They are never at the right place at the right time. I believe you create your own luck. Or I prefer the word opportunity or break.

If you never find any good opportunities, it could be because of your limiting beliefs and thoughts. If you believe that there are no opportunities around, your mind will tend to delete all the great opportunities, even if they are there right before you.

Once there was a woman who had been looking for the right partner for the last 20 years. She was in her late 30s and getting concerned she would never find her ideal guy.

When asked what she was looking for, she started describing this perfect man who had to be rich, handsome, humorous, sensitive and charming.

When asked bluntly, 'Would this man with all these traits want to marry you?' She had NO answer.

If she wanted to attract the perfect man, she must first be that perfect woman to attract him!

(ladies, pls take note!)

One single most important message in this article is, for things to change, we must first change ourselves.

When we take responsibility for what we get and change ourselves, everything and everybody else will change with us!

So, If you want to attract the best staff, be the best boss. If you want to have the best kids, be the best parent. If you want the perfect wife, then be that perfect husband. If you want the highest income, add the greatest value. (I want!, u want?)

It will serve us well to remember that we are responsible for creating the events and results in our lives. To attract and get the results and situation s that we want in life, we will need to work and change ourselves in the process.

Focus on yourself and success is sure to come.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adam_Khoo


queen of senseless said...

If she wanted to attract the perfect man, she must first be that perfect woman to attract him!

berdasarkn petikan itu [ala~ala komentor lk aku ni] adakh bermakna sy yg senseless ni akn dpt yg senseless juga??

rara said...

queen of senseless : jadiiii, sila lah CHANGE diri anda toooo SENSE woman. ahaha.

queen of senseless said...

dh try tp.......
apa nama..apa nama..apa nama..
xley ah bencikkkk!
xp nenek kata usaha tangga kejayaan kn?