Monday, October 20, 2008

PLATINUM Raya Open House .

Last Saturday I went to my 2nd office(oceh!) PLATINUM, at Ara Damansara. Dd came the night before and sleep at my place since we already plan to go together the next day. I woke up at 8am and we left home around 9am.

Our motive for leaving home earlier(than before) this morning is: Hunting for gerai2 tepi jalan to buy some traditional kuih muih to bring to the office because PLATINUM is having a Raya pot luck that day! Saya soka!!

We manage to sapu bersih some curry-puffs, serimuka and apam from 2 stalls! Sib baik rumah saya berdekatan dgn banyak gerai kuih muih and after grab all the kueh muehs, we headed straight to the office. And we scream and sing

"today is a great day!"

Rara and Dd mmg gila. But we enjoy being like this.


We arrived at Platinum around 10:10 am and after 2 hours training session, now it's time for the pot luck! Lets makan!

To make it more happening, the committee members came out with a funny idea! hehe
They named all the foods that we bring.
...and they named our kueh mueh as- Shakirah and Mahdiah Kuih Muih Traditional From Penang!
tang mana tah kuih mai dr penang! dr Sri Kembangan aja dong.

Other than that, we also have ...
Coke and Pepsi from Perlis, Bihung Goreng Jakarta(bcos the bibik yg goreng so,terpaksalah), Roti Jala Subang, Pizza Bangi, Laksa Penang, Puding Kelantan ,just to name a few. Bcos the others i cannot remember :P Sebab banyakkkkk sangat.

The foods included Sate Kajang, nasik ayam, nasik lemak, kuih raya, bermacam jenis cake;including cupcakes! and puding from everywhere in Semenanjung Malaysia! Tak lupa jugak donuts from Big Apple.

And i end up eating like a PIG.
I eat a lot. Yes , i mean A LOT. Get it? A LOT


With the Platinum members. they are all successful people and I definitely want to be one of them!

I really2 enjoy to be a part of Platinum and really2 looking forward to work with them in the near future, InsyaAllah .

There are more pictures will be uploaded soon!


alya said...

aaaa open house!!!
wpun xdpt join sm2 hr itu tp xp
bdw dd mcm artis haha!

rara said...

alya : like always!