Thursday, October 23, 2008

the one with the award .

I've been awarded as the most outstanding employee for the month of September. Hurm. Pelik tapi benar. I wasnt expected any, in fact, I was busy taking pictures with Aliya and Ratha. To make it worst, I dont even know who are the emcees of the event. But anyway, Muchos Gracias.

Soo..I guess I am the first Malay girl who gets the award without buttering the boss, kiss ass or what ever u call that.

Thanks. I feel so bless.

I am presenting Miss Nor Aliah Lee.Surpriseee!.

And this is Ratha. We've known each other since the very first day I join the company.

By the way, the theme for the event today is Deepavali. That's why Ratha with her saree and im with my kurtee (female kurta). I assumed it's a kurta since i saw the label Made in India. hahahahaha. Dont blame me, blame the label!!


cik_ienn said...


Anyway, Congratulations. :)

rara said...

cik_ienn : thanks darling.

alya said...

congrats rara!!! :)
xamek puseng apa berlaku ats stage ek semlm tiba2 ada org annouce nama lk haha!
mmg best ah semlm..

rara said...

alya : thank u!

~mat aki yg imut~ said...

congrats sis!! im so proud of u!!=)