Thursday, October 30, 2008

mr K .

Soo many things happened, good and bad. Mr K buat hal semalam, right after I finish doing some groceries shopping . Luckily it happened at the Jusco car park, well at least there are people around there to help and most importantly, bukan di tempat gelap yg menakutkan. Alhamdulillah .

I try to calm myself,in fact i can say that I am not that panic like last time. I started to scroll the phone book and managed to sms some friends, and the first person that crossed my mind at that time was, mr sales man! Yes, the Perodua sales man to be exact, the person I deal early last year to get Mr K in hand. However, since everyone's busy/ not around/working/meeting/or was in the classroom, I decided to call the mechanic on my own. To be honest, I was like, SHIT, KALAU AKU ADA BF KAN SENANG! Deng!

Ok ok. Takpa. I always believe things will get better, so no worries. I get into Jusco and walk around the shops like nothing happen, and I managed to enter Watson's to check out the price of contact lense solution. Sempat lagi kan?.

Then, i headed straight to the workshop(there's a lot of car workshops in the jusco area) and the mechanic came, and change the car battery and, Settle! It's not that hard. Isnt it? And i started to scream in my heart, TAKPA, TAKDAK BF PON TAKPA, MAK OK JA?!

Haha. Soo ME! Tak mau kalah.

This is me this morning before off to work.Right behind me is Mr K (with his new battery inside his tummy!) Habis duit aku!

p/s: Mai. mana gambaq! nakkk


cik_ienn said...

wei, apa kena dgn mr K?

rara said...

cik_ienn : battery rosak, kena tukaq baru