Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back for good .

the life has been unfair to me.

everything seems to be not right, and everybody seems like pulling themselves from me.
Somebody please explain to me why or what did i do wrong?


..until i received a text message last night before i off to bed.

"I'm in Yogjakarta now."

... and that short message made me smile, till now. :)

Thank God for listening to my prayers.

I called my lil bro in Yogja and told him that somebody wants to meet him .

Lil bro asked, "who?"
I said "Someone who likes me"
He replied "Kaya tak?"

Shitto. Apalah Aki ni!

And I spend about RM30 for calling them to set up their meeting but..

... they end up not meeting each other cos lil bro need to study for quiz the next day.


well, at least. we can see the" EFFORT. "


cik_ienn said...

M p sana ka?

rara said...

cik_ienn : ya

alya said...

alalala ptt lh dh tersenyum riang :)

rara said...

alya : =)