Friday, August 14, 2015

London, United Kingdom

So I traveled solo from KL to London last April, 2015 :)

I struggled a lot this year, but Alhamdulillah, Allah is great. I am forever grateful.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Walaupon lagi beberapa hari ja lagi nak habis bulan Januari 2015 tetap jugak nak update the highlights of 2014! Kot2 tua nanti nak baca kannnnnnnnnnn.

- traveled to Medan, Indonesia with Mom, Sister and two cousins. My second visit to Medan but I enjoyed it anyway especially shopping and massage.
Menghayati keindahan Danau Toba

- An extremely unproductive month to me. Gi ofis makan gaji buta sebab tak de kerja. Tapi enjoy jugak melawat kawasan. And because of too much of free time I had, I did a lot of readings. Bagus jugak kan?

- I moved to a new team, Middle East team where my initial weekend is Friday and Saturday. I had to say good bye to Nona and Melodi. :))

April and May
- Struggled with the new team, too much to learn but too little time. But I am glad I made it anyway.

- Very much busy with works where the team had to struggle with MSCI Upgrade , 15 hours of working back to back for 14 days can u imagine?. I was knackered most of the days but at least I had some thing stand out to put in my resume. I was extremely happy to see next month's payslip. Heee.
- Traveled to Singapore for the weekend. I stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Clarke Quay and managed to visit few tourist spots in 2 days. It was tiring but funnnn :)

Magnificent view from public observation deck at level 57 Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. I suggest u to come here at night!

Gardens by the bay.

Marina Bay Sands during the day. The weather was super hot tapi gambar tetap kena ambik okay!

- Musim raya. Qatar had one week holiday for Eid I felt so lucky.

- Traveled to Gold Coast Australia. Best. First time pi negara omputih la katakan! 

Kali pertama pegang kangaroo!

Wohooo! Just beside our apartment, Surfers Riverside. Best sangat la apartment ni dah la dekat dgn Cavill Avenue pastu feeling sangats tepi sungai!

Sea World, Gold Coast Australia, 2014.

Movie World!

- Started to like my new team. Settled few things regarding my housing loan, a new life yet to begin I was so excited!

- Started buying things for my house renovation and I did that alone. Yes, alone. I decide everything from the paint colors up till the decoration part. It's my house after all?

- Movember! I shifted to a new place finally a place I can call my own. Alhamdulillah. Kalau tak Abah yang paksa beli rumah memang sampai sekarang masih menyewa. Thank you Abah! Love you to the moon and back. Sayang sangat sampai syurga!

My living room.

- My 30th Birthday Alhamdulillah masih hidup dan sihat. Kawan-kawan MMU datang buat surprise! I feel loveddddd, thank you girl friends!


2014 adalah tahun yang paling kelam kabutttttttt. But so many achievements Alhamdulillah. No serious health problems cuma makin gemok dan tak diet langsung. Gila lah. Something I need to work on this year InsyaAllah. Hahaha!. Looking forward for 2015, I can't wait for new exciting things and challenges! bring it on baybeh!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Singapore and Gold Coast, Australia

Dalam kesibukan bekerja, Alhamdulillah sempat jugak I curi-curi bercuti ke Singapore dan Gold Coast.



Monday, April 14, 2014

Things that I miss


Tiba-tiba rasa sedih syahdu pilu bila tengok bloglist especially travel blogs dok update punyalah banyak hari-hari.

I miss reading their blogs! Banyaaaakkkknyaaaaa updates yang I tak sempat baca. Tak cukup masa. Balik kerja malam hanya mampu online di handphone saja. Malas nak bukak lappy sebab tiada internet berkelajuan tinggi so mood tu kureng.

Jadi apa motif beli lappy? Boleh claim income tax! (Motifffff??!). Or should I get myself a wifi? Maxis ka p1max ka? Should I? 

"Nanti kalau dah ada wifi confirm ke rajin online? Ka sembang kuat je ni? "

Begitu I bertanya kepada diri sendiri.

Benda kalau tak ada, memang nak sangat. Kalau ada? Awal-awal memang excited... lepas tu buat tak tau je kan?

Ke I sorang je cani weih? Pelik!

Buat masa sekarang, I buat tethering dari smartphone je untuk online kot laptop. Tapi slow. I ni short tempered, pantang benda lembab. Tak sedar diri kadang-kadang diri sendiri pun lembab. 


Nah selfie dalam public toilet. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Road Trip

to JPO!

One day trip. Tiring but fun!

Initially this trip was planned since last year. Aliya and I wanted to bring our dearest colleague Ratha to JPO since she's been reminding and asking us many times "When are we going to JPO?" x100 times. Well, that's Ratha.

Since our yearly bonus has already been credited, (ka-ching!) we then told Ratha that we are free to go last weekend.. Ratha of course yang terrr paling excited!

Unfortunately, the sales at most of the outlets were not very interesting (for me lah) during our visit last weekend. Frust. Tapi bagus juga, selamat duit I hehe. I only manage to grab one CK Jeans Wallet (with good bargain) and some stuffs from Victoria Secrets. That's all. 

We were there from 2pm till it closed approximately at 10pm. Sound tiring right? Memang! Lagi penat when I'm the only one yang drive pergi dan balik, after almost 8 hours of walking and shopping mind you! Memang tercabut urat-urat kaki ni woiii.

Well actually I want to share this with you readers.

Feeling kan? Kat R&R Machap je niii :) 

 With Yana, Aliya's sis. 
Sebenarnya ramai yang tengok kami yang jakun dok ambik gambar kat sini! 
Malu tapi mahu :) so tebalkan muka heeeeee

Beautiful isn't it? Spot me under the tree!
Spring, R&R Machap, Johor, Malaysia.


I saw on the net, kat Alor Setar lagi cantik kan bunga dia? Ada yang cakap kat Melaka pon ada, basically all over Malaysia. Kat Cyberjaya pon ada tau!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

24 hours a day seems not enough for me

Salam readers.

It's been a while! Phew.
Sorry people,  I have been busy.  Life is pretty pack with activities ; weddings, birthday party, shoppingssss, and so on.

Life is OK, I'm still struggling with the new team and I pray hard someday I will be able to cope with everything new. New team mates, new bosses, new job tasks (fuh!).. basically everything new except for the fact that I'm still working at the same company. 

I feel like I have no enough hours in a day like last time. Sigh.

I so miss home (Penang) and will be flying back on the week after next to spend my weekend. I will be flying with Malindo Air for the first time so wish me the best of luck! This is my first time flying after the MH370 incident, I pray I will be good. I'm kind of phobia actually but to MAS no worries,  you will always have my support.  Everything about the airplane always impress me and definitely travel via the airplane always be my favorite since I was a kid.

Unfortunately, I still can't plan my holiday leave since I am still on training until I don't know when and this really makes me sad.

I only have weekend as of now... so I am thinking of planning a 2 day and 1 night short holiday for me. Maybe with my girls or maybe alone? Or maybe I'll just be at home and opt for a spa visit to pujuk diri sendiri sebab x boleh pi holiday :(

Let's just see.

I wanna go to a place where I can get the best massage and spa in town, of course with affordable price. I had one good and cheap massage in Medan last December so Medan definitely included in my list butttt Medan againnn?

Tapi Medan best, sebab flying time is only 55 minutes to 1 hour, macam balik Penang. And most importantly, tiket selalluuuuuuuuuuu murah :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Shakira / Shakirah
Muslim Meaning:
The name Shakira is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Shakira is: Thankful. Grateful.


When I was little, I used to hate my name.
Shakirah? Seriously, Shakirah?
What kind of name is that?

I wanted to have a famous name like Azlina, Salina, Rina or anything "Ina".
The name "Ina" was soo famous at that time. Or at least I felt it famous.
Ke I sorang je rasa nama Ina famous?
I was like 7-8 years old at that time.

I even asked my late mom, why Shakirah?
Why not something Ina?
Why only Shakirah? Where most of my friends have more than one name.
Why not Nurul Shakirah? Or Nur Shakirah?


But as I get elder, I started to like my name.
When the Latin-America singer "Shakira" tengah meletop across the globe,
the name "Shakirah" tumpang populariti. Tak nak kalah kan? Haruslah! :))

Everywhere I go, when I introduce myself as Shakirah, I will easily get recognised.
Ooo Shakira Waka waka! Oh well, I get that alot. Hehe.

I pernah chat with a stranger, I normally will introduce myself as Rara.
After quite sometimes, he started to dig further about me.

"What's your name?"
"My name is Shakirah" I answered.
"Seriously my name is Shakirah. tak tipu"
"Ek eleh.. nak bagitau nama sedap2 jeeeeee"

Haha. Terus block.

I'm a proud Shakirah now!

Monday, March 10, 2014

turning 30

I am turning 30 this year.
Yes, that BIG 3-0.

What have I achieved so far?
Nothing great.
But I can say that I am doing well. Not that bad but not that great. Get it?

I secretly wish I could be better.
Well, everyone does.

Every normal person in this world wants a great life.
Great lover.
Great family.
Great kids.
I am always on the bad side when it comes to love.
But I always believe in faith. I believe in Allah SWT.
I believe that Allah SWT has predetermined everything in our lives and has power over all things.

When it comes to career I have never thought I would become a banker.
I studied marketing, not because I love marketing but because I don't have any choice at that time. 
But being me, I tried to love what I do and I did pretty well.
If only I started my first job as a marketer, I might become a senior marketer in one of the well known organisations and famous for its marketing strategies like, Air Asia, Mas, Digi, Maxis or anything. Best gilak! (In my dreams)

The fact is I got stucked in banking industry for almost 7 years! Can u believe that? I can't believe myself. Like it or not, I have to carry this 7 years banking experience and continue with all the shits and get ready to face the banking world at least for the next 10 years? perhaps more? 

Duh. I can't even think. My brain can't digest. If I don't work in a bank, where should I work then? I don't know how to bake to own a bakery. Kesian. Online business? Hmmm maybe someday, who knows? I can sell handbags! *ehem*

I hate the fact that my father is getting older. I love him so much and always want to make him happy and always want to see him in a good health. My siblings? I always pray for their rezeki melimpah ruah, and hidup bahagia with their families. Family problems? I have. A lot. Pening memikirkan kadang-kadang. A life without problems is like a school without lessons. I just pray that kami adik beradik takkan berpecah belah in whatever shit occurs. Amin.

Friends. They are my backbones. Everyone's busy but we still meet up occasionally to update things and we communicate a lot via the internet and mobile. Thanks to the technology!

Am I updating about myself again?

Rara, 8th March 2014.

I guess I miss blogging so much!